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Transition Support

Our goal at Gladstone Wealth Group is to ensure that your transition to an independent business is as smooth and easy as possible. Gladstone Wealth Group provides onsite and/or remote transition assistance, training, and re-papering for its financial professionals. Our process allows advisors to focus the majority of their time on what’s most important: managing client relationships and transferring assets as quickly as possible to increase return on investment. During the transition phase, our goal is to help advisors integrate their existing business into Gladstone’s platform, and expedite the transfer of assets while ensuring a smooth transition for the advisor, the firm, and the clients they support.

Our transition department makes it their job to ensure that they provide efficient transition support that starts with the initial resignation. To start, the advisor must complete the online profile at so that we can work with the advisor and the dedicated team at LPL in order to effectively help the advisor go through the transition process.

In order to ensure that the transition is done successfully, we make weekly calls, address any issues, and answer any questions the advisor may have about the process. We provide an outline that highlights the goals and due dates that are necessary to ensure that the transition is done in a timely manner. That being said, the advisor will be fully prepared in time for their resignation and license transfer. Furthermore, we provide re-papering support that ensures that the proper documents and paperwork are in order by the time the securities license transfers to LPL. We make it our duty to ensure that the advisor and their staff is fully equipped to work with LPL prior to their resignation, guaranteeing a successful transition.

After the transition is officially in place, we provide post-transition support until you feel comfortable doing things on your own. That being said, our team will provide adequate support (in person and online) to continue the learning process and guarantee success with the new system.